Lifetime Warranty on Timber Flooring

Buy with Confidence from Lifewood

The flooring in your home is a big investment. It has to look good, feel good and not come at a prohibitive cost. At Lifewood we’ve got that covered. Our hardwood timber floors are beautiful, tough, durable and built to withstand the passage of time. Easy to clean and quick to install; a Lifewood floor is an investment well worth making.

Our Lifewood floors are made from the best hardwood timbers from Australia and some selected international timbers such as French Oak. Because we believe aesthetics are just as important as durability, we hand grade our timber to ensure uniformity in colours between our showroom and your home; something other providers can’t do. Our StayFlat technology also means we use the most attractive part of the wood on the top, resulting in a longer, wider and more stable floorboard, guaranteed not to warp or cup.

It’s this attention to detail, along with a team of professional installers that makes us confident your floors will last a lifetime. So confident that we offer a Lifetime warranty on all Lifewood floors.

What does ‘lifetime warranty’ really mean?

The lifetime warranty is just that – our guarantee that your floors and their installation will last a lifetime. At Lifewood we strive for excellence in manufacture and installation, and as a result you can rest assured your Lifewood floors are covered in the unlikely event of warping, buckling, cupping or significant movement for as long as you retain ownership of the home. When installed by our professional team, any problems associated with installation are also covered.

Why do we offer such a long warranty?

We know that the investment flooring is often the biggest outlay after the construction of the home itself. It’s a hard decision to make and makes such an impact on the look and feel of your home. We want to take the risk out of your decision and allow total confidence that your investment is protected. From milling to manufacture and installation, we’re as invested in our products as you are, which is why we guarantee them over an entire lifetime.

If you would like to know more about our lifetime warranty or any of our timber flooring range, feel free to contact us using our enquiry form or call 08 9445 9011 to speak with one of our friendly staff today.