Eastern States Blackbutt Flooring in Perth, WA

Eastern States Blackbutt Flooring
Species: Eucalyptus pilularis
Colour: A golden-brown timber with a pinkish tinge. As a light timber, Eastern States Blackbutt gives a very contemporary feel and can provide a greater impression of space. It offers versatility with the widest variety of colours in home decor. The Coastal Blackbutt that Lifewood uses has less colour variation and is lighter in colour than New England Blackbutt.
Hardness: 9.1KN (tougher than Jarrah).
Origin: As the name suggests, Eastern States Blackbutt comes from the Eastern Coast of Australian – principally NSW and QLD. Our sources are Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) and PEFC accredited. Lifewood uses only Coastal Blackbutt, which has less variation than the New England Blackbutt.
History: Renown as a quick growing species, ES Blackbutt has had many uses, from railway sleepers and joinery to flooring, decking and furniture. It is still currently used for flooring in Parliament House in Canberra.