Hardwood Timber Floors in Perth, WA.

What is Lifewood?

Lifewood is a technical solution to age-old issues with timber flooring that has been developed over 24 months in conjunction with our milling partners, the Forest Products Commission, a number of flooring specialists and a timber-glue scientist.

It is, in essence, a three-layered floorboard made of premium grade WA timber that is produced wider and longer. By cross-engineering the product, it allows the core and bottom layers to utilise the less attractive parts of the same timber, leaving the best-looking timber for the top.

This design produces a solution for the timber that is usually unsuitable for premium grade flooring (if it was produced as a solid board) and so minimises waste. So not only is it using our local timbers more responsibly and sustainably, but it also creates a floorboard that is guaranteed to stay premium for a lifetime.