Why Cross-layered Timber and Not Wide Solid

As you know, solid hardwood timber is strong. Now StayFlat technology is making solid timbers even stronger.

We often get asked about solid timber versus our patented StayFlat flooring technology, and it’s a very good question. We see two main challenges with hardwood timber when kept as solid boards:

  1. Their instability with movement when made as wide boards; and
  2. The amount of timber that is wasted by producing solid flooring.

It is no secret that some solid timber floors are prone to cupping and warping after being installed, especially when wider boards are used. So if we were to go down the path of solid floorboards for Australian hardwood timbers we simply wouldn’t be able to offer our customers the security of a lifetime warranty. We tried many ways of doing so, but solid Australian hardwoods are just inherently flawed. Instead, we tailored a floorboard specifically designed to stay flat in our climate. That is, after all, what we all want from a floor. Particularly, with all the stresses that come with building and renovating, we want to be the one final piece of the puzzle that is able to deliver peace of mind long-term rather than subject people’s homes to what is essentially a gamble.

In addition to that, if selecting out all the premium grade material for solid boards, there becomes little use for the rest of the timber, so a large quantity would be turned into waste matter. But our Australian timbers and French oak are too precious to us to justify such wastage, so we ensured a more sustainable use of them, without compromising on looks or longevity. How? By cross-layering solid veneers of timber – by hand – into one beautiful piece of flooring. With StayFlat technology, we utilise these less attractive but structurally sound parts of the timber in the unseen components of the board – principally the bottom and centre layers – and can therefore make more select-grade boards using fewer resources.

All in all, our StayFlat technology is a world-first for timber flooring that ensures our boards maintain their beauty for generations to come, giving far more value for longer. It’s not an engineered floor and its not a solid floor – its the perfect blend of the two. This is why more and more people are choosing StayFlat flooring over solid timbers.