About the Family and Our Values

Bring together a lineage of inventors & innovators with a lineage of artists and what do you get? Stylish innovations.

Lifewood’s founding family consists of two ancestry stems – one strong with innovators dating back through the generations, and the other in fine arts.

We’re all born and bred in the South-West of Western Australia too – so we have an engrained respect for nature.

As such, after doing his Honors in the forestry of the South-West, Mark (Lifewood’s founder) begun his search for sustainable timber solutions at a young age. His quest was for fast growing timbers, but discovered most options were a far cry from the durability and beauty that the market demanded. Then came a chance encounter with a bamboo flooring manufacturer. Problem solved! Long story short…Mark soon pioneered the bamboo flooring industry for Australia and became the leading bamboo flooring specialist – Bamboozle (www.bamboozle.com.au).

Like all good stories though, it wasn’t without its major challenges… What nobody realised initially was that solid bamboo floorboards weren’t suited to Australian conditions and he was hit with hundreds of thousands of dollars of warranty repairs as the boards begun to cup and distort in people’s homes. Honouring those warranties almost bought the company to its knees and the stress of disappointing clients devastated his health, but it wasn’t without its hidden blessing. Mark was determined to remedy the problem and persisted by innovating the boards to overcome the challenge. And in that, a new generation of flooring was born.

Fast forward several successful years and rejuvenated health, it was time to take the next step. The question of whether this same flooring design could be applied to hardwood timbers was put to task. A world of possibility opened up. We then went from competing with timber flooring, to trying to solve its biggest challenge – to stop boards from distorting. And that’s when Lifewood came to be.

We started Lifewood from these foundations. Our past challenges taught us that it is an incredible responsibility to be invested in and entrusted with someone’s home. We recognise that every dollar invested in us has come from someone else who sacrificed and earned it too. So it is a responsible and respectful position that we are placed in. This is something all the team members of Lifewood honour – its part or our selection criteria.

Motivated by the desire to deliver a world-leading timber flooring solution, we’ve geared the business to overcome the timber flooring industry pitfalls and develop innovative solutions. Some by means of product innovation, some by multi-award winning business practices. We’re perfectionists at heart so we believe that if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right. This has seen us refining our manufacturing processes and quality control systems to ensure the utmost quality in the finished floor, to maintaining Australia’s best timber flooring showroom (as awarded by the Australian Timber Flooring Association in June 2014).

As a local family business we also believe in fair exchange, so we guarantee that by choosing Lifewood you and your home will be treated with the same professionalism and respect as our own.