Timber Floor Installation

Direct stick

The primary installation method for most homes is a direct stick to the subfloor. This is the longest lasting adhesion method and the quietest to walk on.

Sika T55 – this adhesive product is troweled onto the entire expanse of the subfloor being installed.

Accoustic Matting

Accoustic matting is a requirement when installing into above-ground-level apartments. This is designed to stop the sound travelling to downstairs residents. Apartments are principally the only setting in which accoustic matting is used.

Sika Acoubond System – this product allows the boards to be partially stuck to the subfloor, while still providing an accoustic barrier under the boards.


Floating a floor with premium timber boards is often done in situations where the floor needs to be easily removed at a future time (at the end of a commercial lease for instance), or when a hollow, drummy sound is preferred. Floors can also be floated over underfloor heating.

Dunlop foam underlay – this product is layed over the subfloor with the floor boards glued together on top. Neither the boards, nor the underlay, are glued down and simply rest on top.

Plank on ply

The tradtitional method of installing the boards over plywood is also possible, but not always necessary.