How to Clean Your Unfinished Hardwood Timber Flooring

Posted on December 1, 2016

It is every homeowner’s dream to have the perfect flooring for their home. Along with this is the challenge of keeping it clean and beautiful. Maintaining the beauty of hardwood  timber flooring isn’t that hard. You just have to arm yourself with the right cleaning guide and tools. And of course, the time and the willingness to keep it neat and superbly attractive.

Some homeowners prefer to install unfinished hardwood timber flooring because of the natural and rustic look it provides to their home. But, having this kind of wood surface requires you to take extra effort to clean it safely. Lifewood offers you with the basic tips in cleaning unfinished wood without compromising your floors. Check these out.

1 Remove the Dirt and Dust

hardwood timber

When you have hardwood flooring installed at home, it is best to clean it at least once or twice a week using a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Dust and dirt build up quickly on timber floors which may cause scratches and other possible damages. So make sure to get rid of these as soon as you can.

2 Remove the Stains Using Trisodium Phosphate

hardwood timber  

Trisodium phosphate is helpful when it comes to removing the stains on your wooden surface. Apply only a small amount of chemical on the stained area using a small scrubbing brush and rinse afterwards with clean water. Water and hardwood timber flooring do not go very well together, so make sure to clean-dry the affected area as quick as possible to avoid other flooring issues.

3 Clean Hardwood Timber Flooring Using Mineral Spirits

hardwood timber    

Mineral spirits are also helpful in cleaning your unfinished wood flooring. It does not contain harsh chemicals that may cause permanent damage on the unfinished hardwood. It is in fact, a great all-around cleaner for timber floors.

4 Sand Out the Stains on Your Hardwood


This is one of the advantages of having an unfinished wood flooring. You can freely sand out the permanent stains on the wood without worry about the finish. Take your sander and go over the stains. Make sure not to work too long in one area and clean up the dust.

Flooring is one of the most important parts of the house. It often reflects the values and lifestyles of the people living in that home. So exert extra effort to care and love your floors. Use the right cleaning tools and take the time to keep your hardwood timber flooring clean and stunningly beautiful.