The new generation of premium grade timber flooring in Perth, WA.

Introducing Lifewood – a wide, hand-crafted timber floorboard guaranteed to impress for generations to come.

We've finally achieved a hardwood timber floor using a carefully selected range of timbers that pleases our fellow discerning Perth homeowners on style, quality and sustainability.

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The new solid flooring - StayFlat technology

Timber flooring in Perth has evolved... To a hand-made, select-grade floorboard that looks fantastic for a lifetime, yet doesn't cost the earth. Achievable only with a unique, cross-layered design called StayFlat. This hardwood innovation makes a beautiful feature of the best looking timber throughout a home, while also utilising sustainable softwood timbers in a concealed structure below. The end result is a longer, wider, stable floorboard with less colour variation, that doesn’t warp, is resistant to cupping, and can be sanded as many times as solid wood, to give long-term value.

This means a dramatic reduction in waste, as we are able to use timber which would otherwise be unsuitable. Not only does it use valuable timber resources more responsibly and sustainably, the design allows us to provide an unprecedented lifetime warranty too.

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If you're the kind of person that is very particular with what you showcase in your home then the Lifewood range of timber flooring was designed for you...

Premium timber flooring installed with a lifetime warranty.

Designed to please the eyes...

  • The technology behind our Lifewood product means we can consistently select only the best-looking timber for your floor – the ugly bits simply don't make the grade and get used in the unseen (underside) of the boards.
  • By sourcing timbers with a quintessential wood character for the range, Lifewood provides that exclusive look for any home.
  • Because the boards are hand-graded we can achieve maximum uniformity in colours between our showroom and your home – a process traditionally unachievable with existing timber flooring installations.

Designed for peace of mind...

  • The entire Lifewood selection consists of only durable hardwoods that will withstand the tougher Aussie lifestyle, suitable for kitchens, kids and other hardwearing factors.
  • Utilising this progressive local timber flooring technology also mea/ns your floor remains safer from cupping, warping, lifting, strong colour variation, excessive shrinking and other known issues with solid timber, so that your floor is guaranteed to look as good in years to come as it did the day it was installed.
  • Every timber floor is backed by a local lifetime warranty, for added peace of mind.

Designed to please the heart...

  • Sustainable resource – no illegal logged timbers... ever!
  • Tackling climate change. Wood is both natural and renewable, and when sourced sustainably it actually helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide contributed to our environment.
  • Lifewood is setting a new standard for responsible forestry practices. In partnership with the local government, we source only renewable timbers and then maximise their use by reducing wastage.

Designed to please the value conscious...

  • For less than you may expect we can guarantee you a more uniform look with a premium grade timber that is wider, longer, thicker, and safer.
  • Because our flooring lasts longer by remaining stable, so too does the value of your investment, plus you avoid costly repairs later down the track.
  • We are the Perth timber flooring experts - proudly family owned & run with a desire to provide a level of service a class above our competitors. Why not check out some of our testimonials here.